Kombu for Dashi (Hidaka Kombu)

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Kombu for Dashi (Hidaka Kombu)

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Original Japanese kombu in standard quality for dashi or for preparation as a cooked side dish



The Japanese Dashi is, similar to our French bouillon, the basis for a wide variety of soups, sauces and dishes. Scientifically speaking, Dashi is "the tastiest liquid in the world" due to its high content of natural glutamic acid.



The basic Dashi essentially consists of only 3 components:



- water



- Combined algae



- Bonito flakes (smoked, dried and then planed tuna)






For 1 liter of Dashi, place 30g of combi algae in a pot with 1100g of cold water. Heat the pot slowly (medium heat) and turn the stove on the lowest setting as soon as the first bubbles can be seen on the bottom of the pot. Let the algae sit for half an hour, then remove them and bring the pan to a boil. Now add 30g bonito flakes to the broth, let it steep for 60 seconds and strain the broth through a strainer. Salt to taste - done.




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