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Which Japanese foods are trendy in Europe?

There is currently a high demand for yuzu products, for black garlic and for fermented products or, especially in gastronomy, for products that can be used to ferment yourself, such as koji starter and koji rice.

The demand for sushi ingredients for their own sushi has risen significantly among end consumers, and ramen soups are an increasingly popular topic. The demand for Japanese desserts such as mochi is also increasing.


And which Japanese foods are popular in Japan right now?

For several years now, Shio Koji has been at the forefront of popularity, a product that has been “rediscovered” and can be used as a “marinade” to tenderize vegetables or meat or as an ingredient in sauces.

In addition, Amazake - a drink made from rice - is in many variations. Japanese craft beer is becoming more and more important in the beverage sector.

In Japan, efforts are being made to support or revive traditional products and production methods across all product segments.


Can you use Japanese foods for English, Italian or French cuisine?

Yes, Shio Koji, miso, soy sauces and Japanese rice vinegars can be used very well as “secret” ingredients in European or international recipes. They add umami and, if used in small amounts, do not change the basic character of the dishes.


Which Japanese foods are particularly high in umami?

Umami is created by breaking down proteins into special amino acids. Products that contain bonito (a Japanese type of fish), shiitake mushrooms or kombu are particularly rich in umami. Umami "bombs" are created by combining all three ingredients.


Our range of Japanese foods includes classics such as sushi ingredients, soy sauce, miso, rice vinegar and rare Japanese foods such as yuzu, black garlic or shiso juice. This catalog shows a representative selection of our range. If you are interested in other products, please contact us.



Barbecue with Japanese Products

Japanese barbecue sauces. Black garlic. Japanese spices. Cedarwood and magnolia leaves.




Sushi Ingredients and accessories

Sushi ingredients such as nori sheets, sushi rice, seasoned or unseasoned rice vinegar, wasabi or ginger.




Trending Yuzu Products from Japan

Fresh yuzu, yuzu juices (also unpasteurized), yuzu vinegar, yuzu kosho, yuzu zests, yuzu juice powder, yuzu peel powder




Fermented Products as Black Garlic, Umeboshi etc.

Black garlic as a whole tuber and as a paste. The paste can also be used as a dip to grilled meat.

Umeboshi plums in various pack sizes and as a paste.





Saikyo Shiro Miso, salty Shiro Miso, Aka Miso, Hatcho Miso, Yuzu Miso, Kinzanji Miso and Miso-Sauce





Soba noodles, somen noodles, udon noodles




Japanese Soy Sauces and Fish Sauces

Well-known brands of soy sauces (also gluten-free), matured soy sauces, ponzu, fish sauce, vinaigrettes and barbecue sauces


Japanese Ponzus, Sauces and Dressings

Well-known ponzu brands, rare items such as Sudachi-Ponzu, Chanponzu. Modern Japanese ponzus such as tomato ponzu.





Dashi concentrate, dashis from oysters, sardines, shiitake etc.



Basic mirin from well-known brands, premium mirin and matured mirin



Rice vinegar and grain vinegar

Japanese rice vinegar, grain vinegar, Sushi Su, rice vinegar with yuzu, tangerine etc, Kanisu, Sanbaizu, Kombu Kurozu, Kurozu Vermont ...





Black sesame and light sesame as whole grains and as a paste. Sesame oil inexpensive and super premium.

Sesame Wasabi, Sesame Ume, Sesame Yuzu and Sesame Kimchi.



Japanese Spices and Cherry Blossom Products

Shichimi togarashi, wasabi, sansho pepper, yuzu kosho, mustard.

Dried cherry blossoms, cherry blossom powder.



Japanese Juices

Citrus juices such as yuzu juice, sudachi juice, amanatsu juice, daidai juice, iyokan tangerine juice, tangerine juice.

Shiso plum juice.



Fruits and Vegetables from Japan

Fresh yuzu fruits, sudachi fruits, yuko fruits.

Freeze-dried strawberries, apples, melons, onions, tomatoes, asparagus, beans.

Fruit peel strips, fruit powder