International Dried Spices

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Product no.: D50085917B
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Product no.: SF143104
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Product no.: SF153105
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Product no.: SF153117
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Product no.: SF153120
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Moshio Salt

Product no.: JPCH17

Japanese ancient salt obtained from algae and seawater

In stock

Curry powder 1 kg

Product no.: AS60115

Japanese curry

Product no.: JPTAA1

150 g

Typical Japanese curry made from carefully selected ingredients, mild in taste

Crispy Shiso Flakes 45g

Product no.: JPU237

45 g

Red shiso leaves processed into crispy flakes

In stock

Crispy Shiso Flakes

Product no.: JPU238


Red shiso leaves processed into crispy flakes

In stock

Red Shiso Powder (Shiso no Mai)

Product no.: JPCH04

60 g

Red shiso leaves dried and powdered with a tea-like taste

In stock

New Aji Panca dried

Product no.: LT50

100 g

In stock

New Aji Mirasol dried

Product no.: LT214

100 g

In stock

Japanese sansho pepper berries red

Product no.: JPKAN01S

30 g

Pepper leaves

Product no.: JPST7

40 g

In stock

Japanese sansho pepper berries green

Product no.: JPEK4

100 g

Cubeb pepper

Product no.: G838301

100 g

In stock

Kimchi spice mix

Product no.: JPKIM01

100 g

In stock

Mustard seeds brown whole

Product no.: NK40067

1 kg

Big Japanese Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

Product no.: JPCH01

30 g

Whole Japanese cherry blossoms, gently dried, especially large

In stock

Green powder of cherry leaves

Product no.: JPCH10

6 g

Japanese cherry leaves dried and powdered

In stock

Japanese 7-spice mix Shishimi Togarashi

Product no.: JPG021

300 g

In stock

S&B Spice Mixture Shishimi Togarashi

Product no.: JPVL148

18 g

Kaffir lime peel powder

Product no.: GWMAD11L

100 g

Dried kaffir lime peels

Product no.: MAD12L

65 g

Green piri piri

Product no.: GMAD05

70 g

In stock

Green cardamom whole capsules

Product no.: GMAD04

60 g

Piment d'Espelette

Product no.: GEWFEL01L

250 g

In stock

Ground lemon myrtle

Product no.: GAUS1

180 g

Sichuan Pepper 500 g

Product no.: D50085917

500 g

1 - 30 of 32 results