Rice and rice products




There are more than 120,000 types of rice worldwide. In Japan alone, over 600 rice varieties are registered, of which around 250 are marketed.


Rice is categorized according to the following criteria:

  1. Size and width of the grain of rice
  2. Origin
  3. Ratio of the two starches contained amylose and amylopectin

The size and width of the rice grain lead to a division into

  • Long grain rice
  • Medium grain rice
  • Short grain rice


The origin stands for

  • the climatic influencing factors
  • Cultivation and typical processing methods of the respective region,

which is reflected in the quality of the respective rice variety.


The ratio between the two starches amylose and amylopectin determines the ability of the rice grain to absorb liquids and the bite resistance after cooking.

  • The more amylopectin there is in the rice grain, the more liquid can be absorbed during cooking and the stickier the rice will be.
  • The more amylose a grain of rice contains, the more the grains separate after cooking and the more firm the rice is to the bite.


Examples of amylose content of different rice varieties (rounded & estimated)ei
 Asian sticky rice    0%
 Italian Venere   17%
 Italian Arborio  17%
 California Calrose  18%
 Japanese Koshihikari  19%
 Italian Carnaroli  22%
 Italian Vialone Nano    23%
 Spanish Bomba   23%
 Thai Jasmin    24%
 Indian Basmati  26%



The ability to absorb liquid during cooking is particularly valued in kitchens in which the grain of rice is supposed to absorb the taste of the other ingredients during cooking - e.g. in Mediterranean cuisine. The stickiness is important where the rice grains should adhere to each other after preparation, e.g. with fried rice or extremely with Japanese mochi.

In addition, the release of starch during the cooking process plays a role for the professional cook. Where this is not desired, the rice should be cleaned of starch before cooking, e.g. with Japanese sushi rice. For rice dishes in which a creamy consistency is desired, rice varieties are selected that release starch when cooked. In return, the rice should not be washed and the cooking method should force the grains to rub together - e.g. with risotto.


The ideal rice therefore depends on the respective dish and the ideas of the respective national cuisine. Examples of rice dishes and types of rice typically used:

  1. Indian curry - Basmati
  2. Thai fried rice - jasmine
  3. Spanish paella - bomba
  4. Italian risotto - Carnaroli, Arborio, Vialone Nano
  5. Japanese sushi - Koshihikari, Calrose
  6. Japanese mochi - sticky rice


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Premium Koshihikari rice from Niigata (Japan)

Product no.: O076

2 kg

The "Mercedes" among the sushi rice varieties.

Premium Koshihikari rice from Niigata (Japan)

Product no.: JPO112

2 kg

The "Mercedes" among the sushi rice varieties.

Premium Koshihikari Rice from Niigata (Japan)

Product no.: JPO075

5 kg

The "Mercedes" among the sushi rice varieties.

Premium Koshihikari Rice from Niigata (Japan)

Product no.: JPO111

5 kg

The "Mercedes" among the sushi rice varieties.

Sushi Rice Calrose from USA

Product no.: AS20610

9.07 kg

Sushi rice from the USA

Sushi rice samurai calrose

Product no.: AS20611

18.2 kg

High quality rice for sushi, calrose rice from USA

Shinzu Calrose Sushi Rice

Product no.: AS20612

10 kg

Medium rice quality for sushi, calrose rice from USA

Okei sushi rice

Product no.: AS20616

10 kg

Yume Nishiki Rice 5 kg

Product no.: JPA3006

5 kg

Koshihikari sushi rice grown in Italy according to Japanese specifications; High quality at an affordable price.

Glutinous rice 20 kg

Product no.: AS20614

Rice Asian Cuisine 18.2 kg

Product no.: AS20110
5 star long grain rice 40 lbs

Rice Basmati Tilda 10 kg

Product no.: DIV20515

Reis Din Hau Jasmin fragrant rice 18 kg

Product no.: AS20507
from Cambodia

Rice Jasmine Golden Rose Red 18.2 kg

Product no.: AS20513
Scented long grain, Thailand

Rice Cambodia 18.2 kg

Product no.: AS20505
Fragrant long grain rice

Rice Xo / Din Hau 18.2 kg

Product no.: AS20111
Long grain rice 40 lbs

Crispy rice

Product no.: EXC8031

1 kg

Puffed rice

Product no.: JPMAS1

80 g

Arare rice balls

Product no.: JPBBA2

100 g

Arare rice balls

Product no.: JPBBA1

500 g

Amazake (Fermented Rice)

Product no.: MB10409

250 g

Genmai roasted rice

Product no.: JPTM14a

100 g

Genmai roasted rice

Product no.: JPTM14

1 kg

Mini rice balls

Product no.: JPH030

300 g