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...is a Japanese citrus fruit, which with a very complex aroma in-between grapefruit and a mandarin. Already the smell of the Yuzu is stunning. In Japan the green yuzu is distinguished from the yellow one. The green yuzu is the still unripe fruit with clearly more bitter notes, the yellow yuzu develops more sweetness. Yuzu fruits are cultivated in several regions in the warm south of Japan. Even rarer is the wild yuzu, of which only a small amount can be harvested per year. The wild yuzu is mainly used to make wild yuzu juice.


The yuzu fruit has a very thick skin, so the amount of juice that can be pressed from a yuzu is very small. This explains the high prices of fresh yuzu fruits and yuzu juice.  The yuzu season runs from November to January.



A very special way of processing yuzu is the fermented yuzu fruit, also called "black" yuzu or "Yubeshi". A ripe yuzu is hollowed out, the flesh mixed with miso, this mixture then filled back into the hollowed out yuzu and the whole thing then fermented for a long time. The result is a dark brown yuzu fruit, which is best cut into small pieces and then added as a fresh citrus element with umami notes to vegetables or sauces.

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