Fermented Products as Black Garlic, Umeboshi etc.

BLACK GARLIC (Black garlic)


is also a relatively new product in Japan. As a starting product, a high-quality Japanese quality is selected. The garlic is then ripened under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. He changes his color through a Maillard reaction and turns black. Caramelize the naturally occurring sugars. As a result, Japanese black garlic has a very complex aroma of sweet, sour and fruity, similar to a balsamic vinegar. In addition, he loses his unpleasant odor during the ripening process. Black garlic of other origins often does not have the same complex aroma. The production process of Japanese manufacturers is very sophisticated and works with different temperature phases; that also explains the price difference.


Recipes with black garlic: Click here

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Black Garlic

Product no.: JPU188A

A whole bulb of black garlic; the sizes of the tubers vary

Black Garlic Bulk Pack

Product no.: JPU188

4-5 whole fermented black garlic bulbs in different sizes (total approx. 150 g)

In stock

Premium Black Garlic from Japan

Product no.: JPAA

A whole bulb of fermented black garlic from Japan; absolute premium quality

In stock

Black Garlic (peeled)

Product no.: JPBG02

50 g

In stock

Black Garlic Paste

Product no.: JPEN6

120 g

In stock

Black garlic juice

Product no.: JPENAA

500 ml

In stock

Black Garlic Salt

Product no.: JPBG01

50 g

Japanese Vinegar With Black Garlic

Product no.: JPMAU0010

300 ml

Mini Ume Plums red

Product no.: JPCH14

110 g

Mini Ume Plums green

Product no.: JPCH13

110 g

In stock

Umeboshi Plums, premium quality

Product no.: JPTNA1

100 g

Umeboshi Plums, premium quality

Product no.: JPTNA2

500 g

Umeboshi Plum

Product no.: JPU192

150 g, with honey

Umeboshi Plum

Product no.: JPU191

100 g, with honey

In stock

Black Shallots

Product no.: JPHF2

100 g

In stock

Black Fermented Yuzu (Yubeshi)

Product no.: JPYU01

1 piece, approx. 140 g