Dried Crispy Fruits

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Dried Black Limes

Product no.: GWSDP01S

30 g, whole fruits, dried by the Iranian method

In stock

Dried Black Limes Powder

Product no.: GWSDP02SB

30 g, ground fruits, dried by the Iranian method

Whole freeze-dried Blackberries

Product no.: PD111

100 g

Whole freeze-dried Blackcurrants

Product no.: PD114

100 g

Whole freeze-dried Blueberries

Product no.: PD113

90 g

Whole freeze-dried Raspberries

Product no.: PD102

70 g

Whole freeze-dried Strawberries

Product no.: PD106

100 g

Freeze-dried Lemon Bits

Product no.: PD108

100 g

In stock

Apricot Crispies

Product no.: CNSS111A

250 g freeze-dried

can be shipped within 1-2 Tage days

Apple Slices freeze-dried

Product no.: JPGM04

40 g

Japanese freeze-dried Melon Slices

Product no.: JPGM07

40 g

Japanese whole freeze-dried Strawberry

Product no.: JPGM08

40 g

Dried Apple Crispies Nagano

Product no.: JPST11

60 g, dried