Kombu powder

Product no.: JPCH21

1 kg

What is this kombu powder made of?

This kombu powder is an extract of kombu algae on maltodextrin and finely salted. Japanese hidaka and rishiri seaweed from northern Hokkaido were used.

Ingredients: maltodextrin, kombu, salt, alcohol


How does it taste and what can it be used for?

The kombu powder has no ostensibly pronounced taste, but is full of umami. The umami comes from the glutamic acid that occurs naturally in algae. It unfolds particularly well in aqueous solutions. The powder can be dissolved with almost no residue. When dissolved in water, it takes on a slightly yellowish color.


Recommended use:

  • for Dashi
  • for sauces
  • for dressings
  • as part of a spice mix or spice paste

Other kombu extracts or powders

If you are looking for other other kombu extracts or powders, please contact us. We would be happy to clarify what is possible with the Japanese producer.



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