International Barbecue

International Barbecue

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Binchotan Japanese Charcoal

Product no.: JPU507

1 kg

In stock

Japanese Barbecue Sauce Premium

Product no.: JPKS1

300 ml

In stock

Japanese Onion Sauce

Product no.: JPKS2

300 ml

In stock

Japanese Leek Dressing (Kujo Negi)

Product no.: JPUSIDE08005

180 ml

Black Garlic

Product no.: JPU188A

An entire tuber of black garlic; the sizes of the tubers vary

Premium Black Garlic from Japan

Product no.: JPAA

A whole tuber of fermented black garlic from Japan; absolute premium quality

In stock

Black Garlic Bulk Pack

Product no.: JPU188

 4-5 whole fermented black garlic tubers in different sizes (total approx. 150 g)

Black Garlic (peeled)

Product no.: JPBG02

50 g

Black Garlic Paste

Product no.: JPEN6

120 g

In stock

Black Garlic Salt

Product no.: JPBG01

50 g

Japanese Green Sansho Pepper Berries

Product no.: JPEK4

100 g

Japanese Red Sansho Pepper Berries

Product no.: JPKAN01S

30 g

True Wasabi Paste small

Product no.: JPU230

42 g

In stock

True Wasabi Paste

Product no.: JPWTB11001

80 g

Mild Japanese Yuzu Kosho Paste

Product no.: JPKNS1

200 g

In stock

Japanese Red Mustard Seeds

Product no.: JPAY6

150 g

Gran Cuvée Red Wine Vinegar

Product no.: CC12

500 ml

Japanese Vinegar With Black Garlic

Product no.: JPMAU0010

300 ml

In stock

Kanzuri Chili Paste

Product no.: JPCH15

400 g

Rare fermented paste of red chillies and yuzu.


- For professional use only. When ordering, please give us your sales tax ID no. -

Binchotan Japanese Charcoal

Product no.: JPU507A

12 kg