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... is a Japanese citrus fruit that is in the aroma between grapefruit and a mandarin and is very complex. The smell of the yuzu is stunning. In Japan, the green Yuzu is distinguished from the yellow. The green Yuzu is the still immature fruit with significantly tarter notes, the yellow Yuzu develops more sweetness. Yuzu fruits are grown in the warm south of Japan in several regions. Even rarer is the Wild Yuzu, of which only a small amount can be harvested per year.

The yuzu fruit has a very thick shell, so the amount of juice that can be squeezed out of a yuzu is very small. That explains the high prices of fresh yuzu fruits and yu juice. The season is from November to January.

For several years now, the Yuzu has triumphantly entered the European star gastronomy. Star chefs are enthusiastic about their complex aroma, whether in the form of fresh yuzu, yuzu juice, confounded yuzu, yuzu marmalade, yuzu powder, etc. yuzu juice is used like lemon juice; Confused Yuzustreifen and Yuzumarmelade ennoble a Desssert. Yuzu powder may be used instead of Yuzu juice e.g. be used in sauces or just as another consistency element on the plate. Dried yuzu powder can also be mixed well with coarse sea salt to a very aromatic salt.

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Fresh Yuzu Fruits - Boxes

Product no.: JPYZb

1 box of appr. 1,5 kg

Sold out! The new harvest 2019 will be available in November 2019.

Price per kg; The final price will be calculated on base of the real weight of the box. In case you own a restaurant or you are a wholesaler please contact us for price rebates.

Yuzu Jam

Product no.: JPU302

300 g

Black Fermented Yuzu (Yubeshi)

Product no.: JPYU01-2

1 piece, approx. 140 g

Yuzu Peel lightly candied

Product no.: JPSSS01004

100 g

Yuzu Powder

Product no.: JPPY1

50 g, freeze-dried

Yuzu Powder

Product no.: JPPY2

500 g, freeze-dried

Yuzu Peel Powder

Product no.: FCG125

20 g

Mild Japanese Yuzu Kosho Paste

Product no.: JPKNS1

200 g

In stock

Yuzu Drink with Honey

Product no.: JPU023

180 ml


Yuzu Drink sparkling

Product no.: JPU081

340 ml


Japanese Yuzu Juice hand-pressed

Product no.: JPU068

100 ml

In stock

Japanese Yuzu Juice hand-pressed

Product no.: JPU070

720 ml


Japanese Yuzu Juice hand-pressed

Product no.: JPU071

1,8 l

Japanese Yuzu Juice

Product no.: JPIF5

Japanese Yuzu Juice

Product no.: JPIF13

Japanese Wild Yuzu Juice

Product no.: JPYZ2

 150 ml

Yuzu Syrup

Product no.: JPYZ19

500 ml

Rice Vinegar with Yuzu and Agave Syrup

Product no.: JPTO18

200 ml

Chanponzu Seasoning Sauce

Product no.: JPMSS05014D
In stock

Chanponzu Seasoning Sauce

Product no.: JPMAU00005
In stock

Yuzu Sake

Product no.: JPO002

720 ml

Yuzu Daikon Dressing

Product no.: JPHU60A

450 g

In stock