True Wasabi Paste

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Real wasabi paste

80 g

  • 85% wasabi
  • Original from Japan
  • pleasantly spicy
  • versatile


Real wasabi paste with 85% wasabi. It is "nama oroshi" wasabi, which translates as freshly grated wasabi.

A rarity! Wasabi pastes with such a high proportion of wasabi are very rare in Europe. The majority of the products on offer contain the majority of horseradish as a wasabi substitute.

A note on the colors: As a processed product, wasabi is actually only a pale green color. Most wasabi products are mixed with green dye, which should give the impression of fresh wasabi. Since we as consumers are now used to getting a bright green product, pale green products are hardly accepted. Natural dyes from plants have been added to this wasabi paste.




  • with sushi and sashimi
  • on carpaccios
  • for rice bowls
  • as an ingredient in mayonnaise
  • with avocados
  • with tofu
  • to steak
  • with grilled fish
  • as part of your own spice pastes

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