Black garlic is also a relatively new product in Japan. A high-quality Japanese garlic quality is selected as the starting product. The garlic is then matured under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. The garlic changes colour through a Maillard reaction and turns black.

The naturally occurring sugars in the garlic caramelize during this process. As a result, Japanese black garlic has a very complex aroma of sweet - sour - fruity, similar to balsamic vinegar. In addition, the garlic loses its unpleasant smell during the ripening process. Black garlic of other origins often does not have the same complex aroma. The production process of Japanese producers of black garlic is very sophisticated and works with different temperature phases, which also explains the price difference.


For the use of black garlic:

Black garlic is not sweated like normal garlic, but cut into small pieces and then added to a sauce, for example. As a coloured element it looks great on a pizza. As a paste it is a great dip for grilled dishes.


Here you can order Japanese black garlic online: To Japanese black garlic