Arare rice balls

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Arare rice balls

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Furikake is a crispy Japanese spice mix that is used as a rice seasoning in Japan. Arare rice balls, known in Japan as Bubu Arare, are rice pastries and can be used for your own Furikake spice mixes or just as they are as a topping e.g. for leaf salads or cucumber salad. They are also exciting as a breading, for example with fish, similar to a panko breading.




  • Like the Japanese as furikake with rice
  • In spice mixes
  • With white meat, fish and seafood as a topping
  • As a cod breading
  • For leaf salads or cucumber salad as a topping
  • Etc.

Recipe idea: Cod with furikake breading

Rezept Kabeljau Panade


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