IP8 Beer Vinegar beer vinegar

IP8 Beer Vinegar beer vinegar

Product no.: M8-IP8Beer

200 ml

>For IP8 Beer Vinegar beer vinegar a beer in the style of Indian Pale Ale is brewed with a mixture of very aromatic hops and fermented to a vinegar. Add to this the sweet juice of Minus8 Premium Icewine Grapes. IP8 Beer Vinegar Beer Vinegar Beer Vinegar should be drunk fresh.

Optics: Light golden amber hue.

Consistency: Viscous and dense

Aroma profile: Very complex, multi-layered vinegar whose aroma develops in several stages during tasting. At the beginning it is slightly earthy and resinous on the nose, with notes of roasted malt and lightly roasted coffee. It then develops an aroma of candied apples, buckwheat honey, pine and hop notes, followed by exotic aromas of jasmine, citrus peel and tropical fruits.


ingredients: Beer vinegar, grape must

em style="font-size: 13px;">Optimal storage at 12°C.


More about Minus 8 - Vinegar cuvées with the complexity of wines

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