Black Fermented Yuzu (Yubeshi)

Product no.: JPYU01

Black Fermented Yuzu (Yubeshi)

1 piece, approx. 140 g

A very special way of processing yuzu is the fermented yuzu fruit, also called black yuzu. To do this, a ripe yuzu is hollowed out, the pulp mixed with a miso, this mixture is then poured back into the hollowed out yuzu and the whole thing is then fermented for a long time. The result is a dark brown yuzu fruit that is best cut into small pieces and then added as a fresh citrus element with umami notes in vegetables or sauces.

Ingredients: BARLEY miso (SOYA, BARLEY, salt), yuzu pods, PEANUTS, white sesame seeds, SOYA powder, sugar, spice shishimi

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