Japanese Onion Sauce

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300 ml

Very complex in aroma; goes well with European recipes in which onion sauces are used. Also very good with grilled meat. Like many Japanese sauces, this one also contains various fruits and vegetables that increase the complexity of the flavor. And of course - typically Japanese - it has more umami than European onion sauces.

In addition to the well-known dimensions of sweet, salty and bitter, umami is another taste dimension that is particularly important to the Japanese. It arises from the natural breakdown of special amino acids during maturation, fermentation and drying. Umami adds hearty notes, gives depth, increases the complexity of the flavor and rounds it off.

Ingredients: onions, tomatoes, carrots, apples, garlic, mikan mandarine, SOY sauce, sugar, sea water, rice vinegar, fermented rice, salt, dashi and spices.

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